The Music Is Not In The Piano

Dearest Claire, To the spirited one of the family, we are so very proud of you! Your beautiful mind, your empathic nature, your joyful disposition, your old soul and your boundless energy and hilarity – where do we begin, Clarissimo? Eager to see you take the world by storm as you step into the college […]

Setting Sail

Early in my childrearing years I started writing down cute and funny things the girls would say and do. I have a well-worn green file marked “kids quotes” and have been putting notes and bits of paper in it for 15+ years. Likely inspired by Rosie O’Donnell’s 1997 book Kids Are Punny; Jokes Sent by […]

That’s A Wrap

It was going to be quite the scene to behold, I thought, with 650+ green mortarboards taking flight at the same time. The tradition dates back to 1912 when graduates of the Naval Academy received their officer hats and no longer needed their midshipmen’s caps, thus tossing them into the air. The tradition caught on at other […]


As high school graduation looms large in this household, I am reminded of my college graduation back in 1990. Sadly, I can’t recall the commencement speaker’s name and I didn’t carry a single nugget away from the ceremony that day. My mind was on, best I recall, the after party. I wasn’t really “awake” in […]


For many moons now, I have been mothering two little caterpillars disguised as my daughters. From babies to toddlers to schoolgirls to adolescents, I recently awoke to find a butterfly. In just the last few weeks I have witnessed my oldest daughter end a meaningful relationship, choose her college, and voluntarily tell a story from […]