City Habitat

If we’d stayed on the path I began carving out at the start of the year, my youngest daughter and I would be living in New York City right now. We would be fresh-faced and ready (or not) for round three. She’d be back at her beloved school, reunited with friends from 3rd grade, and […]

I ♥ NY More Than Ever

One of the quintessential songs pointing to the love affair many of us have with New York City is Billy’s Joel’s classic “New York State of Mind.” Fourteen years ago this month, he sang this iconic song at a benefit concert honoring the 9/11 first responders and other victims of the attack. I know you […]

Calgon, Take Me Away

The restaurant review moguls, Nina and Tim Zagat, developed the go-to resource for dining in New York City more than 30 years ago. This iconic red book is a staple in many city apartments and has since expanded to almost 50 cities around the world. It’s arranged by cuisine, neighborhood and a plethora of useful and […]

Agape Love

Have you ever been saved by a stranger’s acknowledgment or smile? Perhaps you were feeling particularly low, as if looking up at the curb. And then, through an act of unintended grace, another soul throws you a lifeline and let’s you know you are indeed still here…among the living and the loved. A few years ago […]

A Dryer that Dries, Please

One of the most coveted amenities in a Manhattan apartment is a washing machine and dryer. Not in your building or on your floor, but inside your actual apartment – as in, yours. Having moved from a place where this is not an amenity but a given, I knew to ask this question about each […]

New York State of Mind

I have lived on the island of Manhattan twice. The first time was in 2001 and the kids were toddlers. My then-husband had a wonderful job opportunity up there and we, starry-eyed and thirsty for an adventure, decided to go for it. The second time we lived there was four years later – same husband, […]