The (Often Squishy) Art of Co-Parenting

Several years ago I wrote a 16-page booklet about healthy divorce. In The Art of Co-Parenting I outlined the six platinum principles of shared parenting during divorce and covered topics like civility, grief, boundaries, and staying out of court. It was the culmination of months of research and personal experience. Writing the booklet was my attempt to […]

Waiting to Exhale

As I prepare to take my oldest daughter to college in less than two weeks, I find myself both grateful and grieved, but not for the reasons I was expecting. I’m equally proud as punch and bracing for impact, like many parents out there, but also find myself melancholy about not being able to share […]


There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a divorce coach. Already a professional coach helping clients with career issues, including transitions, it hit me about a year after my separation that I was being called to help people with divorce. I intentionally did not pursue the path of divorce coach. I […]

Domestic Partners

Call it semantics, wishful thinking or whitewashing but, as I mentioned in a previous blog, I consider myself divorced to the father of my children instead of divorced from him. Long before my separation, I happened to hear an interview with Fergie and this is how she referenced her former husband, Prince Andrew. I was […]

Ah, Grief

Loss demands so much of us. I learned not to judge grief in a bereavement group I joined after my second miscarriage back in 1996. Having only just miscarried and only just during the first trimester, I didn’t feel worthy sitting among couples who’d endured what I saw as big ticket tragedies like stillbirth and […]

Low Road: Crowded

One of the most hopeful things I came across in all the divorce books I read as I was going through my own uncoupling, was the statement that children can get over the injury of divorce itself as long as the parents can remain civil toward one another. As any parent in this unenviable boat […]