My 12 Days on Match

I hope you will enjoy this encore post from December. And cheers to all the courageous souls who enter the online dating arena in midlife. Bravo.

It is Solved by Walking

I signed up for in January of 2011 at the absolute insistence of my friend, Jennifer. Divorced for three years, she knew a little something about how hard it was to meet people when all your friends are married. I had been separated for eight months at the time and was eager to date. However, the thought of going online felt so…how shall I put it? Desperate, pathetic, ever so slightly seedy and, did I mention, desperate?

I fought her at every turn. Her examples of positive encounters and even relationships that materialized were met with a “yeah, but…” from me. Even with the knowledge of a dear friend having recently married a guy she met on Match (for real, and he’s an incredible find), I was still totally resisting and in a place of “it’s fine for everyone else but just not my cup of tea” mode.


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